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Jun 22, 2012

Budget Update

To NC State Faculty, Staff and Students, Now that the General Assembly has passed this year’s revised budget, I wanted to share some of the details, especially as they affect NC State and the UNC System.  Keep in mind that the budget is not final yet.  The Governor has 10 days to sign, veto or let it… 

Feb 29, 2012

Campus Update

To NC State Faculty, Staff and Students, Before many of you leave for spring break, I want to take this opportunity to provide a brief review of where we’ve been this year and an update of what to expect when you return. We’ve had an excellent academic year that has so far included a visit from… 

Sep 7, 2011

Budget Update

To NC State Faculty, Staff and Students, The heat of summer has finally broken, 34,000-plus students are back on campus and we’re off and running on a new year, NC State University’s 125th.  There is much to celebrate about the history and identity of NC State, but before the celebration begins let’s finish off the discussion of the… 

Jul 8, 2011

Budget Update

We are not going to let budget challenges cripple us. We will move forward by thinking differently about the way we are organized and operate. If there is positive news in this budget environment, it's this: the combined efforts of our organizational realignment, strategic planning and ongoing budget planning have positioned us to lessen the impact of the reduction. 

Jun 16, 2011

Budget Update

Today, the state budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 became official. 

Apr 14, 2011

Budget Update

The North Carolina House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee on Education offered its first budget proposal on Tuesday. 

Feb 3, 2011

Budget Update

Our ultimate goal is to move this university forward toward long-range objectives and not just tread water in another bad budget year. 

Jan 21, 2011

Budget Message

Our governor and state legislators are beginning the task of responding to the state's drastic budget shortfall of almost four billion dollars. It's not an overstatement to say this is the most difficult budget challenge the state and the university have faced since the great depression. 

Jan 12, 2011

With Great Momentum

As we consider what is to come in 2011, I can't help but be excited. It is not going to be without its challenges, but 2011 is shaping up as a year of opportunity for NC State. 

Dec 9, 2010

Something To Look Forward To

As we near the end of the semester, our common areas are consumed by students with a focus on finals.