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Something To Look Forward To

As we near the end of the semester, our common areas are consumed by students with a focus on finals. Heads in their hands, books spread across tables and note cards scattered on the floors, there’s no question about it – it’s time for exams.

Faculty are grading final papers and exams, squeezing in a few more hours in the lab and crunching numbers to turn around final grades.

A student reading a book to study for a final exam
It’s final exam time around NC State University.

It’s final exam time around NC State University.

Staff are compiling year-end reports and preparing buildings for winter break. It’s a busy time as we close out another semester at NC State.

The end of a calendar year as well, it’s also a time of reflection. Many are considering their accomplishments over the past year.

What have we accomplished? What can we do better? What have we learned?

It’s a time for celebrating the resolutions we have met while considering the ones we must set for the new year.

After coming to NC State in April, one thing I have learned in 2010 is that NC State has much to celebrate and look forward to.

Fraser fir Christmas trees
Fraser fir Christmas trees growing in a greenhouse at the College of Natural Resources.

This past year, our students made headlines through their research and service, our faculty chartered new discovery frontiers, our staff ran an effective and efficient operation and our alumni took leadership positions in their fields and communities.

Perhaps the best part is that there is an exciting amount of energy on campus surrounding the idea of “where do we go from here.”

As we all take some time to reflect and anticipate, I hope you will consider your important place here.

Next year, we’ll be adopting a new strategic plan that will guide us through our next steps in defining the future of this university.

But there is still much work to be done. I hope everyone will take some time to relax over the holiday, returning to campus ready to hit high gear.

In 2011, I’m going to need everyone working together – as NC State – to make it a milestone year for this university.

Happy Holidays and GO PACK!

Randy Woodson
NC State University