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NC State and Olympic Pride

NC State community:

As you are enjoying the remainder of your summer and gearing up for the fall semester, I hope you will find the time to tune in and cheer for our outstanding NC State student-athletes and alumni who are competing in the 2020 Olympic Games. We have a record-setting 12 Olympians affiliated with NC State who will be competing in Tokyo over the next two weeks. 

NC State’s representatives competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are: Lucas Kozeniesky (USA, shooting); Gabriele Cunningham (USA, women’s track and field); Anton Ipsen (Denmark, men’s swimming), Alexander Norgaard (Denmark, men’s swimming); Andreas Vazaios (Greece, men’s swimming); Simonas Bilis (Lithuania, men’s swimming); Tatyana Forbes (Mexico, women’s softball); Nyls Korstanje (Netherlands, men’s swimming); Kacper Stokowski (Poland, men’s swimming); Andrea Podmanikova (Slovakia, women’s swimming); Sophie Hansson (Sweden, women’s swimming); Noe Ponti (Switzerland, men’s swimming). In addition NC State head volleyball coach Luka Slabe is an assistant for this year’s Team USA women’s volleyball squad. 

I encourage you to read this Bulletin article and learn more about our competitors and NC State’s long and proud Olympic history. It is truly impressive what our current, former and future student-athletes have achieved so far, and I am confident that the best is yet to come.

I am always proud to be chancellor of NC State, but moments like these — when members of our Pack have such incredible opportunities for success — make being part of this community even more special. I hope you enjoy the Olympics. Go Team USA, and go Pack!

Randy Woodson