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Open Dialogue with Dignity and Respect

Dear NC State Community:

As a public institution of higher learning, NC State sits in a unique position of opportunity and obligation with regard to social dialogue and free speech. There’s no better place for engaging, thought-provoking discussion than on a college campus, and freedom of thought and expression sit at the core of our university’s values.

We strive to foster a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion, supports an open exchange of opinions and ideas and encourages civility and respect at all times.

I encourage you to read more on the university’s free speech policy here:

University policy permits student groups to invite speakers to campus, and the university provides access to certain campus venues for that purpose. NC State cannot take away that right or withdraw those resources based on the views of the invited speaker.

Once a student group has invited a speaker to campus, NC State will act reasonably to ensure that the event proceeds free from violence or disruption.

Whether members of our community are discussing social issues, political beliefs or religious ideologies, I encourage you to do so with an open mind. Talk with each other, listen to each other, exchange in an honest dialogue and never waver from a commitment to treat each other with dignity and respect.


Randy Woodson