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Welcome to the Spring Semester

Dear NC State Community:

Welcome back to campus, Wolfpack, for the 2019 spring semester. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the New Year. I am incredibly proud of the remarkable progress we made during 2018, and I’m looking forward to the many goals our university will achieve during 2019.

Over the past year, our faculty, staff, and students achieved world-renowned honors, conducted groundbreaking research, and served as community service leaders in North Carolina and around the world. The beginning of 2018 started with acceptance letters, admitting the university’s largest, most competitive and academically strongest first-year class ever accepted in the history of NC State.

Now that the spring semester has officially begun, I want to extend a sincere welcome to our Spring Connection students who are settling in on campus. I am confident that our newest additions to the Wolfpack will be valuable assets to our campus community, achieving new levels of academic, personal, and professional development during their higher education journey.

The dedication of our students and faculty amazes me as they continuously push the limits of current research and commit to tackling the world’s grand challenges. The hardworking community of NC State deserves recognition, and its members have achieved prestigious scholarships and awards during this past year. I am immensely proud of our students, faculty and staff, as their accomplishments in fields of academia, education, and research bolster the reputation of this great university.

In December, 3,449 NC State graduates became alumni of this great university for a total of 9,346 new alumni in 2018. As our alumni community continues to grow, we look forward to hearing of their future successes and the positive impacts they will make in the state, country, and across the globe. Our alumni play a large role in our university’s continued success, as shown by their incredible support during 2018. We named buildings and an entire college after some of our alumni and helped honor their groundbreaking achievements. As more NC State students graduate and join the Wolfpack, the future of the university – and the world – grows brighter.

Now that we have officially wrapped up another year embodying our university’s Think and Do motto, I am excited to see the university reach new heights. I encourage each of you – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – to continue or to become more involved on campus. Join clubs, engage in meaningful discussions about the university and its future, and take part in campus activities and events. We are an incredibly unique and diverse community, so take advantage of it by learning from those around you.

I am confident that together we can make this year the best year for the Wolfpack. I wish you all a great 2019 and look forward to working with you.