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Diversity at NC State

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Recently, I met with a group of student leaders to discuss diversity and inclusion education at NC State.

Recent events around the country and within the NC State community have served to remind us all that we have not progressed as much as we would all hope in our journey toward cultural competency.

For example, a recent off campus party had as a theme BET vs. CMT. While not sponsored by an NC State affiliated organization, this event did have a number of our students in attendance and serves as another example where our university’s values are not always reflected by our community’s actions.

The Council on Undergraduate Education has been evaluating the diversity component of our General Education offerings. I have asked Provost Arden and Vice-Chancellor Mullen to insure that the student voice is part of this discussion as the committee and the faculty consider the best approach to insuring diversity and inclusion are a meaningful part of our curricula at NC State. We will also continue to emphasize the development of effective co-curricular diversity efforts on campus. For example, Respect the Pack had a very positive impact on hundreds of students this fall during Wolfpack Week.

Finally, everyday I am reminded of the amazing work of our faculty and staff as well as the impact they have on the student experience at NC State. Diversity and inclusion education is not just a student issue at this great university.   We need to insure that we are using every means possible to help our faculty and staff on their personal journey towards cultural competency. To that end, I have asked Provost Arden to work with our Offices of Institutional Equity and Diversity and Human Resources to evaluate a variety of programming opportunities for diversity education for our entire campus community.

Without a doubt, NC State is one of the country’s great universities. Together, we can make our community even stronger and serve our students well as they prepare for a diverse world.


Randy Woodson