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Beating back the Winter Weather


To NC State Faculty, Staff and Students:

A university, or any organization for that matter, is only as good as its people. That was clearly illustrated during our recent encounter with inclement weather.

I want to thank all of our dedicated staff across the campus for not letting Mother Nature keep us from operating the university.  Numerous departments pitched in and did a great job — working long hours — to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots, stairs and building entrances.  Although the weather went south fairly quickly that Wednesday afternoon, our staff worked hard to make sure everyone could travel safely on campus.

Somewhat less visible, but certainly no less important, were the housekeeping and dining hall staff who kept the residence halls and dining halls operating smoothly.  College students don’t stop eating when it snows. In fact, throwing snowballs and snowboarding on the Court of Carolina probably makes them even hungrier and our staff made sure they were fed just like any other day.  Housekeeping staff was ready and waiting to clean up snow and water that was tracked into the buildings to prevent slips and falls. Nothing will spoil your day quite as fast as a trip to the Student Health Center.

Technicians from Building Maintenance & Operations and Utilities & Engineering were on campus 24 hours to ensure the campus utility plants remained functional.  They also remained onsite, round–the-clock, at the College of Veterinary Medicine’s  Health Complex to prevent power or utility failures from interfering with their good work.

Winter weather is seldom easy to predict, and when it gets bad the staff of NC State always rises to the occasion and keeps the campus safe and operational. I’m very proud of all the hard work and dedication they showed.  As I mentioned, an organization is only as good as its people and the extra effort that our staff put forth during the bad weather is an example of what makes NC State so great.  Thanks again.

In the spirit of the pack,

Randy Woodson
NC State