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Looking Back and Looking Forward

To NC State Faculty, Staff, and Students:

As the year winds down and the semester comes to a close, we can look back at all the remarkable things that happened at NC State and also look forward to what will certainly be an equally exciting 2014.

The opening of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library was an important defining moment in the history of NC State and Centennial Campus.  The new facility re-defines the role of the library to one of collaborative innovation — a library that not only stores knowledge, but also creates it.

It’s no exaggeration to call the opening of the new College of Sciences another one of those pivotal moments for the university.  The move aligns NC State with national best practices that combine related physical and life sciences departments in one college, allowing for better interdisciplinary educational opportunities, improved research collaboration and more efficient support operations.

The Park Foundation’s $50 million gift to NC State, the largest in our history, is also an important highlight of 2013. That gift will go a long way to supporting the renowned Park Scholars Program — one of the premiere scholarships in the nation — that prepares students to be successful in the rapidly changing global economy.

2013 also saw the opening of two projects of great interest to students – The Phase I openings of the Talley Student Union, and Wolf Ridge Apartments. The student union expansion brings updated facilities and services to campus, in what will be a focal point for students, faculty and staff when it is completed. And for the first time we have a residence hall on Centennial Campus – Wolf Ridge Apartments. This allows students to live, work, play and grow all on this country’s premiere university research campus.

Certainly we were met with a number of financial challenges in 2013 and we met them with carefully planned, strategic solutions. While those challenges will continue into the new year, our Strategic Budgeting Process will help us successfully navigate those challenges while we further solidify our reputation as a world-class university.

The most successful organisms are the ones that adapt to their surroundings, and NC State is no different. We will continue to evolve so that we meet the ever-changing needs of our students and citizens.  We have continued our path into the future with great momentum this year, and I know that will continue in the new year. Have a safe and joy-filled holiday season.


Randy Woodson
NC State