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What Our Dreams Will Bring

Many people have dreams.

They might have a dream for their life, their career, their children or their business. But when it comes down to putting forth the necessary effort required to make dreams a reality, there are many factors that make producing results difficult.

This process usually requires resources, time, tough decisions and commitment. However, when everything comes together and a dream — even in the early stages — is fulfilled, it is really something special.

The North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis is certainly something special. When I stopped there during my first state tour visit last week, I was blown away by the dream and vision of David Murdock.

Vice Chancellor Nevin Kessler, Chancellor Woodson, Ben Jones and Ken Agro
(From left) NC State Vice Chancellor Nevin Kessler, Chancellor Woodson, NCRC supporters Ben Jones and Ken Agro.

After the town took a hard hit with a decline in the textile mill industry, David Murdock envisioned a way to help reshape the region’s economy through a partnership with the UNC System.

His vision for the campus was to create the epicenter of health, wellness and disease research in the world, and he knew our university system housed the innovative and creative minds to drive it.

Stepping onto that campus for the first time and seeing his bold vision as a reality was exciting. What is taking place in Kannapolis is transformative to that part of the state and has implications for global health and well being.

I am proud that NC State is a part of it. NC State’s presence at Kannapolis is another success story of how our university is connecting cutting-edge technology to people in a way that has sweeping benefits.

David Murdock
David Murdock speaks at an event at the NCRC.

People across North Carolina recognize NC State as a critical engine for economic development.

As we continue to develop a shared vision for NC State’s future, I want you to know that while I am committed to growing our economic impact, I also want to strengthen our role in the state, nation and world.

I want us to be bold in our dreams, like David Murdock. I want us all to reconsider how outstanding this university can and will be as we move forward.

I want us to be creative about how we educate and populate a qualified workforce in the state.

I want our people to fuel even more innovations for business, industry and government in the state. And I want others to see that “something special” as we work together to make NC State one of the world’s leading research universities.

I look forward to seeing what our dreams will bring.

Randy Woodson
NC State University