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Wellness days update and reminders

NC State community:

One of the recommendations of the Student Mental Health Task Force was to proactively add wellness days to the university calendar. I’m pleased to announce that the university’s official three-year calendar has been updated to include one wellness day in each fall and spring term for the next three academic years. These wellness days are in addition to existing holidays and breaks. They are as follows:

  • Fall 2023: Tuesday, Sept. 19
  • Spring 2024: Tuesday, Feb. 13
  • Fall 2024: Tuesday, Sept. 17
  • Spring 2025: Tuesday, Feb. 11
  • Fall 2025: Tuesday, Sept. 16
  • Spring 2026: Tuesday, Feb. 17

Following the recent completion of the task force’s report, implementation teams were established to examine the feasibility of the many recommendations and begin putting them into practice as approved by university leadership. As that process continues, we will provide updates on any new resources, initiatives and policies.

In the meantime, as we near the final weeks of the semester, please continue to take advantage of the many existing resources available to you at NC State. Students can schedule appointments with the Counseling Center or with one of our community providersAcademicLiveCare, a recently added teletherapy service, is also available to students as a resource. All students receive 12 free visits through the end of this calendar year.

The university also provides mental health resources and services for faculty and staff. In addition to resources offered through the Faculty and Staff Assistance ProgramState Health Plan members have access to mental health coverage and additional resources via the Behavioral Health Resource Center.

All of these resources, and many more, can be found on our Wolfpack Wellness website.

Finally, if you think a friend or someone else you know is struggling, please reach out to them. Your support can make a difference. You can also make an online referral for a student or employee you’re concerned about.

As we’ve shared previously, we know that there is no single resource, policy or initiative that can holistically address the challenges many of you are facing. We remain committed to providing comprehensive support as we work together to build and strengthen a culture of care and well-being at NC State. To do this work, we need our whole Pack to be just that — a Pack. That means looking out for one another, supporting each other and being honest with yourself when you need a little extra help.

Thank you all for taking care of yourselves and each other.

Randy Woodson