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Be Safe, Smart and Respectful

NC State community,

As our nation approaches the inauguration of a new president, I hope we each take time to reflect on what it means to live in a democratic society where a peaceful transfer of power is the norm. We now realize that we cannot take that peace and hallowed tradition for granted. 

Our country continues to reckon with the effects of the attack on Congress, as well as the troubling prospect that there may be additional unrest and violence in the days ahead. I want to assure you that NC State leadership and police are actively monitoring the situation in and around Raleigh, and are taking steps to help ensure that our campus community is safe and secure. 

Our WolfAlert system will be activated should the need arise, and we will communicate using NC State’s main channels including email, text and the university’s website should there be a credible threat of violence to or near our campus. 

In the days ahead, there will continue to be discussions, debates and demonstrations by people representing all sides of the political spectrum. If you choose to be engaged, whether in person or online, I encourage you to embrace your First Amendment rights and make your voices heard, but do so peacefully and with civility. Regardless of where we each stand politically, we call on all in our Wolfpack to demonstrate respect for our nation’s democratic processes and laws, show care for one another and represent our university well.

As always, we’re confident the overwhelming majority of our university community will continue to make intelligent choices and do the right thing. But, to be clear, any employee or student found to have involvement in an unlawful riot or related violence may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination or expulsion from the university.  

To all in our Wolfpack, no matter what your political affiliation or personal beliefs, I ask you to be safe, be smart and stay vigilant wherever you are.

Randy Woodson