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Standing for Diversity, Inclusion and Respect

NC State Students, Faculty and Staff:

Along with our colleagues at the University of Virginia, we are deeply disturbed by the hateful and violent incidents led by white supremacists over the weekend in Virginia. NC State stands in solidarity with UVA, the citizens of Charlottesville and others across the country against these and all acts of hate, bigotry and racism.

NC State, like UVA, is a public institution that embraces and supports First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly (of course, intimidation and violence are never acceptable). At the same time, we know the beliefs expressed by white nationalist, “alt-right” and related groups that converged on Charlottesville – and are expected to continue targeting college campuses this year – stand in direct opposition to NC State’s values of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.

As I shared with our newest Wolfpack members at Convocation today, it is critical that our campus community always be vigilant in upholding, defending and promoting our shared NC State values – and continually rejecting violence, bigotry, intolerance and hatred.

NC State’s strength comes from its people – all its people – and their diversity of thought and experience. Each and every one of you are a welcomed, valued, important part of our Wolfpack.

As we launch a new academic year, I encourage all members of our campus to engage in the free, open and honest exchange of ideas in an environment where all are treated with dignity and civility.

The NC State community will likely be challenged by individuals or groups who desire to promote bigotry, racism and/or hate to divide our campus, our state and our nation. I implore all in our Wolfpack community to unite, show respect for one another, allow for differing opinions, and stand firmly against intolerance and hate.

It is all our responsibility to embrace and ensure a diverse, inclusive campus culture. I hope you will join me in this critical effort.

Randy Woodson, Chancellor