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Responding to the Election

NC State Students, Faculty and Staff:

The long and contentious presidential campaign that concluded with yesterday’s vote clearly has the country divided, and understandably has resulted in a wide range of feelings throughout our nation, our state and our own campus community.

Now that the election is behind us and the United States has a new president-elect, regardless of political affiliation I think we all hope our elected leaders can unify the country and that Americans will come together for the good of our nation, its people and its future.

As a campus community, I hope we can continue to be an example of how people from different backgrounds with different perspectives come together to respectfully discuss, debate and learn from one another. I believe we can be an exemplary model of a community that embraces diversity, inclusion and freedom of speech; where we can disagree with and still respect one another.

I am confident we can be a community that demonstrates the unity and support for one another we’d like to see across our nation.

In the spirit of the Pack,

Randy Woodson
NC State University