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The New Academic Year is Underway

To NC State Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Welcome back to NC State for the start of the academic year! I hope that you all enjoyed your summer and you are excited for the challenges and triumphs that the new semester brings.

Although you all may not have been at NC State this summer, the campus continued to hum with activity. Our dedicated employees have been working on several projects to make the university operate at its best. Some of them you may notice, while other you probably won’t.

Construction work on Talley Student Center has progressed and is on schedule, with Phase I set to open by the end of the year. The first phase of the Wolf Ridge Apartments is now open providing great new residential and dining options on Centennial Campus. Other projects include sidewalk repairs, several new access ramps and improvements to heating and cooling systems.

Of course, not all summer activity revolved around infrastructure. We also saw the opening of NC State’s newest college – the College of Sciences. This is an exciting step to ensure that NC State continues to improve on its world-class education and to allow for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that will tackle society’s grand challenges.

We also welcomed new members to the NC State Board of Trustees – the group charged with overseeing the long-term development of the university. By offering their time and expertise, our devoted Board Members make sure that NC State is the best it can be.

As you can see, while our students have been busy this summer doing exciting things across the country and even around the world, we have been busy at NC State, too. Whether you can physically see the results or not, each of these changes plays an important part in upholding NC State’s standards of excellence and in helping us move forward as a leader in research and education.


Randy Woodson
NC State University