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Safety Message

To NC State Students, Faculty and Staff,

In light of two recent reported assaults on campus, I want to assure you the university takes these incidents very seriously and has implemented additional steps to increase security and awareness.  We recognize this is a time when pedestrian traffic may be increased on campus due to late-night studying for final exams. Our police department has increased patrols across campus day and night, including in and around our libraries, the Brickyard and the pedestrian tunnels.

University police do not believe these two incidents reported within the last week are related. Police have also determined that a reported robbery in the Coliseum deck did not occur and was a false report.  Be assured university police are working tirelessly to investigate these assaults and find the suspects.  We have also fully engaged our safety and assistance resource network to ensure that the campus community is aware of all services available to help promote a safe environment and aide in times of need.

We encourage you to   take advantage of the university’s overnight safety escort program by calling 919-515-3000. You can also use any of the 550 emergency phones in blue light stations, buildings and elevators across campus.

University police also pass along the following tips:

• Walk in well lighted areas
• Walk in groups whenever possible, especially at night
• Avoid distractions while walking, such as listening to headphones or texting
• Immediately report any suspicious activities or crimes on campus by calling 911 or 919-515-3000

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is a top priority.  The university will continue to do all it can to promote a safe environment. I encourage you to be vigilant as well.  Please visit the university police website at for more information on the recent incidents and on all the safety services and resources available to the campus community.

Randy Woodson

NC State University