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Campus Safety Message

Letter to the Campus Community:

In light of the recent incidents on and around the NC State campus, I want to reinforce our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment while stressing the importance of personal awareness. The safety of our campus community is a top priority and a fundamental component of our mission as an institute of educational excellence. As such, we have never before been so well-equipped to both maintain and efficiently communicate about campus security. We have increased the scope of our communication of recent incidents involving the NC State community so that students, faculty and staff have the necessary information to make safe choices when traveling on or off campus.

I am proud of the skilled and experienced professionals charged with preserving a safe and secure university environment. Their efforts help ensure that the appropriate people and systems are in place to protect us from potential harm. A major component of these efforts is a comprehensive campus effort to encourage personal responsibility including (but not limited to) simple yet effective measures such as:

  • Keeping doors locked, including interior doors to rooms and suites within residence halls
  • Traveling in groups at night
  • Promptly notifying police of any incidents
  • Reporting suspicious individuals in your work and/or living area
  • Utilizing campus resources such as Safety Escorts
  • Reporting unsafe conditions such as burned out exterior lighting

I urge everyone on campus to stay aware of any unusual circumstances and to immediately notify campus police about any security concerns. I also encourage each of you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various NC State methods of emergency notification and communication by going online at, as well as confirm that your emergency contact information is up-to-date by visiting

While we enjoy a safe campus, there are no guarantees that crime will not impact our university. Therefore, we must remain aware and informed in order to maintain personal and institutional safety. Thank you for your individual efforts to foster a safe and secure community in which we all can thrive.

Randy Woodson
NC State University