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A New Addition

The Wolfpack family just got a little bigger.

NC State recently welcomed Debbie Yow as our new athletics director.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you will have an opportunity to watch the press conference where she outlined her vision for NC State athletics and shared some of her story with the media.

Chancellor Woodson and director of athletics Debbie Yow
Chancellor Woodson and director of athletics Debbie Yow greet media during a press conference.

Debbie comes to us from 16-year post at the University of Maryland and brings along an outstanding resume from her decades-long career in college sports.

We are proud to welcome her back to her native North Carolina as she builds upon the incredible Yow legacy at NC State.

As a new member of the Wolfpack myself, I am excited about what’s to come for NC State athletics.

With a strong foundation in place, I am confident that Debbie will be able to take our program to an even higher level, bringing wins both in the classroom and on the field. As much a we like winning, for NC State, it’s not just about athletics, but about excellence on so many levels—and I know we have that here.

Chancellor Woodson introducing Debbie Yow as director of athletics
Chancellor Woodson introduces director of athletics Debbie Yow.

Looking ahead, it is my vision to enhance the growth of excellence across campus as we build upon our strengths as a unified university.

I also want to see NC State continue to offer incredible programs to help boost the state’s economic development, whether through educating our state’s farmers or partnering with businesses and industry.

And I look forward to seeing our university excel as leaders, here in the classroom or research lab and globally as world-wide stewards and problem solvers.

I invite you to come to my installation on October 26, 2010 to share this vision with me and celebrate what it means to be part of the Wolfpack family.

In the meantime, I know that we will keep building the foundation of excellence that defines our university, and that’s a win for everyone.

Go Pack!

Randy Woodson
NC State University